We help healthcare organizations move from health equity in theory, to action

By equipping healthcare organizations with actionable coaching, workshops, leadership training and real-time problem-solving, The Equitist seeks to deconstruct & destroy the oppressive systems and social conditions that create human casualties in medicine, public health, healthcare and beyond.

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The Equitist background

Health equity is the opportunity for all people to be healthy and well

We’re laser focused on removing the rhetoric of racism and the obstacles of oppression in healthcare and public health.   We’re building ecosystems of equity that enable wellness for Black, Brown and all people.

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We collect tailored quantitative and qualitative data on diversity, health equity, and inclusion dimensions. This process is leveraged to help us identify equity-rooted pain points in your organization, to create an equity enrichment plan in the next step.

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Health Equity Enrichment Plan

We provide you with a detailed plan of how to execute equity in your organization, including: executive coaching, workshops leadership training, innovative problem solving, equity-driven truth-telling and more

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Public Health Crisis Intervention

In times of public health crises, we are equipped to lead with a balance of urgency and a laser focus on health equity.  We expedite our intake process by prioritizing information gathering, leveraging this snapshot to create an Emergency Equity Execution plan, and springing into purposeful action.

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"Equity in everything.

Dr. Lauren R. Powell

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Process Steps

The Equitist client onboarding process is a proven methodology for helping healthcare organizations design, implement and take action on commitments to health equity
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Process 1

We love people! It's our pleasure to connect with you and learn more about your  organization, staff, and specific challenges.

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Process 2
Organizational audit

We take the time to carefully assess the equity-rooted pain points in your organization.

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Process 3

We analyze our organizational audit findings and craft a tailored plan to help move your organization from understanding equity in theory, to action.

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Process 4
long-term accountability

We build close relationships with our clients and offer the opportunity to remain connected for the long-haul--to provide accountability and trouble-shooting as challenges during the long-term equity journey arise.  

How We're Different

We hold a unique set of qualifications that make us nationally sought after thought-leaders and equity interventionists for this crisis and beyond.  

We approach our work centering the following core principles and values.

How We Do It

Our approach is grounded in the holistic vision of the Essential Public Health Services. Rooted in equity and tethered to generational impact, we hold the following principles as core to how we do our work:

Our success is driven by our core value of relationship building. Understanding that communities are changed through relationships, we prioritize the time, energy, and investment of community building through a focus on creating meaningful and fruitful relationships at all levels.

Capacity builder:
we make a compelling case for equity to unfamiliar or resistant audiences, and engage stakeholders authentically.

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We are focused on community- and systems-level intervention, to combat the root causes of inequities. With more than a decade of experience working with organizations and collaboratives who understand equity conceptually, we specialize in systems-thinking.

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We specialize in moving from equity as a concept, to equity in action through implementation.

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Proactive, yet adaptive

Equity and community-centered systems change work is non-linear, and an adaptive approach is required.

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The lives, livelihoods, and communities impacted by inequities need help now. We recognize that any life lost to health inequities, is one too many. We move with a sense of purpose, passion, and precision in executing our work.

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Equity in everything. Always.

We are at a pivotal juncture in society.

Covid has been the most illustrative example of population health. It's clearly demonstrated that our health and wellness is connected to our neighbor's, that racism is still a pervasive poison that's killing Black & Brown people at every turn, that our leaders are unprepared to execute on equity and paralyzed when it comes to challenging the status quo.

Make no mistake about it. The stakes are high--it's now or never for embracing and actualizing health equity.

We have the blueprint. Let us show you how.

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