Making health  equity, real

Revolutionizing the present and future of health through the power of health equity. We model how to do it right by responding in a new way, in real-time to the needs of the people.

Health Equity is about honoring the inherent humanity in everyone and rooting out any injustices that stand in the way of that.

We envision a healthcare ecosystem and leaders rooted in anti-racism, that values, saves, preserves, and reveres Black+ Brown lives, trans lives, and the lives of all other oppressed identities.

Health equity is the only way to get there. And we won't stop until we do

How we started

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, we knew that it would be particularly devastating for Black and Brown communities and many others. Our Founding President & CEO, Dr. Lauren R. Powell, had the foresight and experience to know that while there are well intended leaders and workers in healthcare and public health, many of them wouldn't be equipped to understand or apply health equity in the moment.

The reality is, the people who keep our healthcare ecosystem going are not prepared to execute on health equity, and are paralyzed when it comes to challenging the status quo.

As long as we have a healthcare system that doesn't work for some of us, it doesn't work for any of us.

That's where we come in. We're looking beyond the healthcare system we have, and creating the future we need.

Introducing The Health Equity Masterclass

Course Description

Every single one of us will need the healthcare ecosystem in our lifetime. At some point, we’ll all have to rely on health and public health professionals to help us in a time of need.

But what if I told you that the help we desperately rely on, isn’t guaranteed for everyone? That help is actively and unfairly denied for some people. And that not only makes them sicker but shortens their life altogether. The social inequities and systems of oppression we navigate daily, also create uneven burdens of pain, suffering, and loss-- or health inequities. That’s why we need health equity.

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce a multi-disciplinary group of healthcare and public health leaders to health equity and prepare you on how to make it a routine part of your role.

What is the Health Equity Masterclass?

Our Health Equity Masterclass is a 3-hour interactive workshop that introduces the concept of health equity, provides historic context as to why health inequities exist, and equips multi-disciplinary leaders across the healthcare ecosystem with actionable steps to apply the principles of health equity to their daily role, no matter the level or title.

Who should sign-up?

Anyone who works in or has an impact on the broad healthcare ecosystem—including public health, environmental health, philanthropy, hospital systems, pharma/biotech, academia, social services, health tech/digital health, urban planning, and more. All who are interested in health equity are welcome to join us!

What will I walk away with?

There are a lot of misperceptions about health equity. And even if you consider yourself a ‘champion’ of health equity, folks often struggle with how to move from being an ally to an actionable accomplice. Participants in our Health Equity Masterclass will walk away with the following:

A comprehensive understanding of health equity and the foundational principles that define it

Tactics for ‘managing up’ on health equity, and how to nudge your leadership on the urgency of embracing health equity, regardless of your sector.

Acumen on how to communicate about health equity in your own voice and words

If I don’t have a health equity title or role, is this Masterclass for me?

Absolutely! In fact, you’re who we want the most 🙂 Our vision for this Masterclass is to help stimulate energy and urgency on the topic of health equity and what’s at stake for both patients and workers in the healthcare ecosystem if health inequities persist. There’s a role each of us can play to drive health equity. We would love to have you as a participant!

I’ve been doing health equity work for years, is this Masterclass worth my time?

Very much so! We believe learning never ends, especially with evolving audiences and ways of delivering information. This workshop is for those who are new to health equity, and those who have been doing health equity work for a while.

I’ve been to countless lectures and webinars about health equity. What makes your Masterclass different?

In a word: everything! We pride ourselves on sharing content in a new, fresh, relatable way. Most of the currently available content on health equity is full of academic jargon and makes health equity feels rather abstract. Our workshop is anything but. We look forward to introducing health equity through a modern lens by connecting current events to historical traumas, using plain language to describe concepts, and infusing multimedia into learning. We make things real, fun, and interactive with the unprecedented opportunity to learn with and from colleagues from across the healthcare ecosystem. Our Masterclass is unforgettable; come find out for yourself! 🙂

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Your Facilitator

Dr. Lauren Powell is a Harvard-trained public health leader, health equity visionary, and truth-teller who fearlessly tackles difficult topics out loud. She is a bold voice on how to dismantle racism across the US health ecosystem, often calling out the urgency of racism as a public health emergency while offering tangible solutions to activate health equity in healthcare.

Her insights have been featured in Marie Claire, Politico, STAT News, The Guardian, CNBC, BBC, Cheddar, Huffington Post, and PBS News Hour. She was recently named among Fortune’s 40 Under 40 in Healthcare and a 2022 Aspen Ideas Health Fellow.

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