We all have a role to play in creating a society that promotes health and wellness.”

- Dr. Lauren R. Powell

Our story

The Equitist, LLC. is a niche consulting firm fully dedicated to disrupting the status quo in public health and healthcare by infusing the tenets of health equity in health care leaders, institutions, and systems.

Founded during the height of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, we hold a unique set of qualifications that prepared us to be nationally sought after thought-leaders during this crisis. Working at the forefront of this public health emergency, we helped shape and lead a historic and unprecedented State-level emergency response, through a health equity lens.

We provide consultative services in all things health equity.

We see the need for equity in everything.

young woman giving a presentation to her colleagues
A young woman presenting to her colleagues
A woman providing leadership to her team
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Our Team

a photo of Lauren, the Equitist Founder in a purple top

Recently named among Fortune Magazine's 2020 40 Under 40 list, Dr. Lauren Powell is the President & CEO of The Equitist.

Lauren leverages her passion for health equity to shift mindsets, sway opinions, and enlightens the leaders who are shaping policies and making decisions that impact everyone’s health.

She underscores the urgency of health equity while making it relatable and tangible. She grounds and simplifies what equity really means, and provides concrete steps on how to act on it.

Photo of team member Erin Dowell wearing a yellow top

Erin has come to understand equity as a call to action, a process, and a state of being. In many instances, equity’s call to action is a question of change: what must be done to eliminate barriers and enable each person to reach his or her full potential?